Importance Of Traffic Lights

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Before the traffic lights in melbourne came into existence, the roads were very disorganised due to which people faced a lot of difficulties during their travel. There are many benefits of traffic lights however the most significant thing to consider when it comes to the traffic light is safety because, with the availability of traffic lights, the collision of cars would decrease. They aid cars to move in an efficient manner which allows some cars to pass and some cars are ordered to stop while the cars in another way are moving. This helps in a smooth flow of traffic decreasing the unnecessary traffic jam. Traffic lights are not only helpful for car drivers but they are beneficial for pedestrians as well which means when the cars stop on red lights, pedestrians will feel a lot safer while crossing the road because when the cars are constantly moving and the pedestrians want to cross the road, then it will risk their safety and their life. Hence, traffic lights play a major role in the safety of pedestrians and car drivers as well.

It has been observed that since the traffic lights came into existence, the number of accidents has decreased. The safety is the main objective towards installing traffic lights and to ensure safety, signal timings play a significant role as the safety is only ensured when the traffic lights are functioning according to signal timings. There are basically three types of signal timings. Let us discuss it briefly.

  • One of the types of signal timings is fixed timing where the starting and stopping time is fixed irrespective of the traffic flow which is not so beneficial for ensuring safety.
  • The other type is actuated timings where the detector is used for adjustments in signal timings in accordance with the traffic volume. Actuated timing is the most efficient and effective signal timing to ensure safety on the roads.
  • Another one is coordinated timings where starting and stopping timing is functioning randomly regardless of the traffic volume.

However, whatever type of signal timing is used, it has always ensured the safety of the people on roads and undoubtedly, the clashes at intersections and the number of accidents have been reduced. This is the reason traffic lights are the most important part of the safety of citizens. When it comes to the safety of the people, it is important to install the best quality traffic lights to make sure that it is functioning properly or does not stop working which may result in collisions and accidents. In this case, Samson Hire is the best platform that provides one of the best quality traffic lights for hire. For more information, please visit our website at